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3 simple steps to turn your skill set into a thriving creative business

create, market, sell, and scale your business from the ground up. Using knowledge you already have.
NOTE: This training is only for the HIGHLY ambitious Creative.

The Full Story

Creative Business Training

We heard of the personal trainer in every single gym. I know that not all of us had the luxury of being trained by one, yet we all know that anyone who worked with a personal trainer had better and quicker results. from that perspective, I am introducing this program to you.

Our special

Business of Creativity

Creativity as a gift and design as a skill are currently thriving more than ever. Despite this, why is it challenging to succeed in the market? Perhaps you're unsure how to begin.

Imagine being able to establish a highly scalable business in six months or less from the ground up if you follow the correct approach.

No need to invest in ads, charge less to get clients or work additional hours.

  • Still trading your time for money

  • Feeling Frustrated and lost

  • Inconsistent income

  • Dealing with bad clients 

IT worked for others, why not you?


My name is Abdulwahab

Hi, I HAVE FELT THE PAIN AND LIVED WITH THE DAILY hustle and HUSTLE&STRUGGLE WHILE TRYING TO BUILD MY BUSINESS, sharpen my skills, and enjoy life. until, I was burned out and defeated mentally, emotionally, and financially. today, thanks to god, I'm an engineer, running my own creative business, training tons of designers & creatives in general.    I have awesome clients and free to spend time, money, effort with whom I choose with a big smile.

I BELIEVE YOU HAVE ENOUGH SKILL SETS AND THE MATERIAL TO BECOME THE NEXT SUCCESS STORY. it doesn't matter what your expertise is or if you're even sure what your niche is! I have worked with several niches to identify and maximize their "zone of power"

I am deeply passionate about training and truly enjoy witnessing individuals, like yourself, achieve their independence and create a positive impact in the world through their businesses.

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Book the FREE 45 minutes Qualifying Mini consultation to go over everything you need to know about the Programs 


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