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In this BOOK you will learn

Starting a new business could be a challenge for most of us. In this book, we'll increase your confidence and guide you, to begin with ease

How to start a small business

What you need to know to run a business

How to market to improve sales

About the Guide.

The idea of this course was formed and its content was collected from a juice of special experiences with our distinguished customers, as well as from the greatest books and adversaries specialized in trade and management. After compiling the course material, the content was reconstituted to suit the creative mindset and also to suit local markets and general culture in the GCC countries and the Arab world.


The main problem

the main problem in most businesses is the undivided focus on personal skills like design, photography, videography, and arts in many forms and neglecting the business part of the company. 

What most people do

they spend their money, time, and effort just learning more technical skills then think by only marketing and advertising they can sustain their success. A business is more than marketing and advertising with some teasers to attract clients.

The correct way to do it

is learning and understanding the basics of how to establish a business AND manage it. another main aspect to succeed in the market is by balancing our technical skills and management skills.

By taking this cours

you'll learn how to reduce randomness in your business and endorse the role of organization and good planning to increase the ability to maintain sales, wanted clients, and enjoy your life.

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Presented by ENG.ABDULWAHAB ALi,
Founder & CEO at Dezign186-DO

From his love of science, he became an Engineer, and from the love of art, he Developed the communication skills needed to express his ideas as a Designer. In his philosophy, Business is the mixture of art & science where being a creative is a brilliant way to solve problems in business and to help the human behind the business create their own solutions

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