Our Story

I got to design by accident, ok so here’s what happened I started an engineering course and we had a project as a group that had different parts so I took the mechanical part of the project (which was the product design part). At the end of that project, I had the highest grade in the mechanical part and the lowest in the electric (which was my major). After seeing that the professor told me to read a book and if I couldn’t put it down all weekend then I needed to rethink my major choice (the book: Change by design). Before reading that book, I had no idea what design was or that my part of the project was design, I just saw it as a problem that needed to be solved. This book triggered 2 things that fascinate me which are change and design. I started seeing things in a different perspective after that. Now going back, a year, I was introduced to Art and I thought it was a beautiful world but it was not enough for me the engineering side of me needed a purpose for the piece that I would create. I started to see design as a tool that we can use in a lot of different ways. Then I found a book called Design of everyday things which took me to a book called How it works, which made me look at how companies design various things and the business side of it. 

So, after all these discoveries I started to think of creating a place where we work using creative thinking to come up with solutions to fit a specific situation to help that person or business move forward and up to the next level which is what they call development. That’s when design 186 was born as an idea in my head and now it has evolved into DO. We are a team, here to serve our clients who need some help moving toward the future.


Our main aim is to generate more creative leaders for the market. We are driven by the experience itself more than the goal or the outcome. People need the goal to move forward but the joy and learning come from the process and the experience. The mission is to enhance the experiences for our clients in two main ways which are business (where we help you take your business to the next level) and design (where we help you design anything like a product, a place, or a process). A place that essentially creates a system that anyone can apply to get a good happy life.


Founder / Dezign 186-DO